Sarah Sanders Is Defending Her 'Slip of the Tongue'

Elias Hubbard
April 21, 2019

As I wrote yesterday, American Urban Radio Networks White House correspondent and CNN contributor April Ryan called for the firing of Sarah Sanders after the Mueller report exposed that Sanders lied to the press corps about the loss of confidence in James Comey as director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

In an interview with Mueller's office, she called the first statement a "slip of the tongue". She says the press is fake when she is faking reports from the people's house.

President Donald Trump is not the only one who is not looking so great after Special Counsel Robert Mueller's redacted report was finally released to the public Thursday.

Should Sarah Sanders hold another, she can expect to spend it in the hot seat.

Yet on Friday, Sanders appeared on ABC's Good Morning America and appeared to stand by the statement she had admitted was a lie.

Sanders denied that the president has ever asked her to lie.

On @GMA, White House press sec.

In her conversation with Burnett, Ryan said it is wrong for Sanders to make reference to the phrase "fake news" when she has been spreading falsehoods. In the heat of the moment, in the slip of the tongue, she is a robotic liar. In a semi-redacted sentence, Mueller also seemed to point to an additional motive for firing Comey: Trump's awareness that he had privately sought information about the Wikileaks' email dumps during the campaign even after it was publicly reported that Russian Federation was behind the hacks.

On the day of Mr Mueller's appointment in May 2017, for example, White House aides said Mr Trump reacted calmly to the news.

"I can speak to my own personal experience", Sanders told the White House press.

"Therefore, she should be let go; she should be fired; end of story", Ryan continued. And that's just myself. Boy bye! As your people come for me! "I never had a lawyer who took notes". CNN's April Ryan Says Sarah Sanders' Head Should Be "Lopped Off'", he tweeted. Yes", Sanders said. "We're not going to get into a numbers game. They can't trust what's said from the president's mouthpiece, spokesperson, from the people's house.

RYAN: Erin, let me go to something else. At issue was Mrs. Sanders' claim that "countless" FBI agents had lost confidence in former FBI Director James Comey. In a separate press interview, she made similar comments, later claiming they were made "in the heat of the moment" and weren't founded on anything, according to the report that was released Thursday.

The next day, Sanders' claims were refuted by then-acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, who testified under oath before the Senate Intelligence Committee that "I can confidently tell you that the majority, the vast majority of FBI employees enjoyed a deep and positive connection to Director Comey".

As the official White House representative to the supposedly free press, Sanders alleges to deliver truthful information on the policies of the top elected official in the United States.

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