Pokemon Go Adding New Lucky Friends And Avatar Poses

Joanna Estrada
April 15, 2019

Of course, exclusive special moves and shiny Pocket Monsters aren't the only perks you can take advantage of on Community Day. The weekend of April 12 Pokemon GO players will have three hours to catch as numerous Gen 3 creature as possible and expand their collection with shiny spawns, evolutions, and hopefully a few more surprises.

Just after the end of April's Community Days, Easter Eggstravaganza celebration will kick off next week on April 16. While the duration period is always the same, the particulars of each Community Day-such as what time it starts and what other bonuses you'll be able to earn-typically vary month by month, so we've rounded up all the important details you need to know about this month's event below.

What Is The Featured Pokemon?

A shiny Bagon will also debut during the Community Day event, complete with increased spawn rates.

During this monthly event, Pokémon GO Trainers can catch bountiful Bagon and evolve Shelgon into Salamence that know the special move Outrage.

Pokemon Go's next in-game event is the Legendary Lunch Hour, which runs from 12-1 PM local time on April 10.

The event kicks off at 9pm United Kingdom time on April 16 and runs until the same time on April 23.

Beginning in March, however, Niantic changed the schedule for Community Days.

The basic idea of Community Day is pretty simple: Go out and catch a ton of pokemon for three hours, but this time around things are different.

Make sure to evolve during the active time window (within an hour of the event ending) if you want to secure it. Much like Lucky Pokemon, there's a chance you'll become Lucky Friends when you interact with a Best Friend, be it by trading Pokemon, opening gifts from each other, challenging them to Trainer battles, or fighting alongside them in Raids.

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