Israel Will Build 'Beresheet 2.0' Spacecraft After Failed Lunar Landing

James Marshall
Апреля 15, 2019

Less than 48 hours after Israeli spacecraft Beresheet crashed on the moon due to engine failure, billionaire Morris Kahn, who donated approximately $40 million to the moon-landing attempt, announced that there will be another attempt to land an Israeli spacecraft on the moon. The Israeli spacecraft - called Beresheet - attempted a soft landing, but had several technical and communication problems.

Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged state support for a new Israeli moon mission, just days after the country's first ever such project ended in disaster.

"As a testament to the team's passion and persistence, we are presenting this $1 million Moonshot Award to the SpaceIL team at our annual Visioneering Summit in October 2019, with the hope that they will use these funds as seed money towards their education outreach or Beresheet 2.0, a second attempt to fulfill the mission", said XPRIZE CEO Anousheh Ansari.

The mission has cost about $100 million and has paved the way for future low-priced lunar exploration. He said in the interview that Israeli government participation amounted to about $3 million. "We must complete what we've started" Kahn said.

Beresheet-Genesis in Hebrew- started as a private attempt by Israeli nonprofit organization SpaceIL, which Kahn now chairs, to win Google's 10-year space race competition Lunar X Prize. So far, only three countries have successfully landed on the moon: the Soviet Union, US and China. It will also be the first privately built craft to do so.

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