Fortnite v8.30 patch notes: Reboot Van, Buccaneer's Bounty event

Joanna Estrada
April 15, 2019

First of all, to even be in with the chance to revive a teammate, you'll need to retrieve their Reboot Card. Once the card is picked up by a team member, they can use it at a reboot van to bring a fallen player back. If that sounds familiar, that's because it is, as respawning is one of the primary mechanics in Apex Legends. Surprisingly enough, Epic Games didn't bother to change the respawn system too much and it works just like in Apex Legends. Knowing these locations definitely helps, but you'll still need to put in a lot of effort to make sure you're able to revive teammates in Fortnite. These cards appear after elimination and linger only for a short while. Once you have the card, you must take it to one of the many Reboot Vans spread around the map's points of interest. Different partners can be resuscitated in one go, yet once users utilize the Reboot Van it can't be utilized again for around two minutes.

Fortnite got a new update on its famous Battle Royale Game - Epic Games released Fortnite 8.30 patch which is now live on all the platforms.

There was an issue in Creative Mode that was causing players not to be invulnerable to damage right after they respawned. The Reboot Van will also be on a 120-second cooldown after use. The goal is to grab it before the 90 seconds is up and deliver it to the van so you can get your crew back into the fight. The van looks quite fantastic and we really have to applaud the designers for all the brilliant work that they've delivered.

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It takes about ten seconds to activate the card and bring back your ally, so it's best to clear the area of any enemies and build a barricade around the van before using it.

Reboot Vans have now been added to the map at all major POIs. When you respawn, you return to the game with nothing, which means that you're highly vulnerable until you're able to loot new weapons and armor to protect yourself with. Anyone brought back from the dead will be stripped of their previous gear and have little more than a common pistol and 100 wood (building material) on their person.

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