Apple new AirPods new adjustments are under the hood

Joanna Estrada
April 15, 2019

Apple AirPods 2 just like the first-generation AirPods, come with no design alterations. they are made from a shiny white plastic material and comes with a sleek design which can fit in a variety of ears.

As soon as you plug the buds out of your ears the music will stop playing itself music automatically.

Both the earbuds are truly wireless in nature.

In terms of dimensions, the AirPods and AirPods 2 are both 0.65 x 0.71 x 1.59 inches (16.5 x 18 x 40.5mm) / weight 0.14 oz (4g). With the AirPods 1, you would have to double-tap the AirPods to activate Siri.

The second-generation AirPods were announced in the same week that the iPad Air 3 (Check out: iPad Air 2 vs. iPad Air 3) and iPad mini 5 (Check out: iPad mini 4 vs iPad mini 5) were introduced. And the charging cases still look like a dental floss case.

They both are shipped with their own set of charging cases, these cases also bundle up as the only way to juice them up. The Powerbeats Pro's charging case is much bigger and bulkier than the AirPods case, partly because it needs to account for those large earhooks. And the charging case provides over 24 hours for the AirPods. That puts the latest Beats earbuds among the longest-lasting in their class.

The updated version of Apple's true wireless earphones add support for "Hey Siri" and include an all-new Apple-designed H1 chip for more efficient performance, faster connection times, and better battery life. With a single charge, you will get five hours from a single charge. If you like their smoothed-over instrumental attack, relatively powerful bass, and generally accessible sound signature, you'll be happy to hear that - literally.

While we'll have to wait for the Powerbeats Pro to actually be released before we issue a verdict, we're excited about their possibilities in our initial testing. At $250, they'll also be among the most pricey wireless earbuds in their class when they're released in May.

Another joy of the hands-free setting on your AirPods is that you can change song, talk to Siri and do other fun things without using your phone but, sometimes you might not be able to use your hands too like, if they're wet so. one Reddit user found a hack to use the pods from touching your tragus. In the end, which pair is right for you may come down to how you plan to use your earbuds, and just how active you'll be when you do.

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