'SNL' visits Aunt Becky, Michael Avenatti and Julian Assange in prison

Lawrence Kim
April 14, 2019

In the latest "SNL" cold open, Michael Keaton portrayed Julian Assange arriving in prison with Lori Loughlin & Michael Avenatti. "I'm the scourge of the cleaning staff at the Ecuadorian embassy", Keaton's Assange bragged, referencing the location of Assange's seven-year asylum period.

"And that's not even including the $300 grand I paid in tuition", Loughlin added.

Everyone agreed she was much crazier than Thompson's murderer.

"I own the guards in here", she explained.

"You think prison is hard?" she said. "I helped their kids get into a really competitive Pre-K".

Kate McKinnon did a killer deadpan take on the former Aunt Becky, swinging by a men's prison (for some reason) to shake things up, impressing/scaring the longtimers, lifers, and new fish with her truly terrifying crimes. "In half those movies, I marry Santa's son - I lost all sense of reality".

After McKinnon's Loughlin, it was Davidson's Avenatti's turn, posturing his own success and crimes by saying he was accused of things "you can't even conceive of, like blackmailing a sneaker company and stealing taxes from a coffee shop to fund a race vehicle team".

From there, it become a cameo of headline-makers from the week claiming how insane they are - including the aforementioned Davidson as Avenatti who says "I'm so shady, a pornstar once said she had to distance herself from me!" I might still run for president.

Emma Stone returned to Studio 8H on Saturday for her fourth stint as Saturday Night Live host - and her Birdman co-star Michael Keaton made an appearance, too.

"I hope you're proud of every single photo in your icloud", Assange threatened. "I'm an actual James Bond supervillain - and I'm one step away from destroying the goddam moon!"

"Saturday Night Live" opened with a visit to Chino Correctional Facility on this week's show.

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