Astronauts outside ISS for first spacewalk of 2019

James Marshall
April 9, 2019

The United States space department claimed that rocketeers Christina Koch and also Anne McClain are going to take a walk outside the International Spaceport Station during 29th of March, with an objective of changing batteries mounted the previous summer. Hague is designated extravehicular crew member 2 (EV 2), wearing the suit with no stripes, and with helmet camera #17.

While the station uses solar panels, batteries help store that energy and provide power when the station is in the dark.

Previously: Two rookie spacewalkers took on a battery replacement project on the International Space Station last Friday.

Even when the chore is complete, there will still be more of the 20-year-old station's original batteries to replace. NASA astronaut Kathryn Sullivan became the first US female spacewalker later that same year. It will be the first only-women spacewalk in history. Spacewalkers have now spent a total of 55 days, 21 hours and 39 minutes working outside the station.

The work is part of a huge effort to replace the space station's power system which began in January 2017. "Just like your rechargeable batteries at home, eventually over time, they're not going to recharge as well", Kenny Todd, the missions operations manager for the ISS, said during a press conference.

Flight controllers remotely operating the station's robot arm had already removed four of the older nickel-hydrogen batteries and installed three of the new lithium-ion batteries in slots one, three and five.

Ms McClain was launched to the ISS in December 2018 while Mr Hague arrived at the space station this March.

With that work done, flight controllers would be free to bring power channel 4A back into the station's electrical grid.

Another set of batteries for a different power channel is due to be replaced a week from today.

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