Bloodhound land speed tests in SA ‘could start this year’

Marco Green
March 25, 2019

The project was saved at the last moment by Yorkshire entrepreneur Ian Warhurst.

The new name, Bloodhound LSR, accompanies a complete rebranding of the programme.

Bloodhound may now have a new owner in Grafton LSR, and a new home at the SGS Berkeley Green University Technical College's UK Land Speed Record Centre, but the team running it remains mostly the same, including RAF Wing Commander Andy Green, who has been retained for driving duties.

Ian Warhurst has vowed to begin the high-speed testing for the Bloodhound LSR as soon as possible.

The auto now has red and white livery and has moved into her new home at SGS Berkeley Green University Technical College (UTC) on the Gloucestershire Science and Technology Park.

Then came Ian Warhurst with his bulky wallet and love of cars to save the day, buying the project and the auto in its entirety from administrators, with the ambition of picking up where the creators left off and pushing the vehicle to whatever enormous top speed it may one day reach.

'Over the last decade, an incredible amount of hard graft has been invested in the project and it would be a tragedy to see it go to waste.

"Starting with a clean slate, it's my ambition to let Bloodhound off the leash and see just how fast this auto can go. I'll provide robust financing to ensure there is cashflow to hit the high-speed testing deadlines we set ourselves".

Some changes were also made in certain secondary aspects: for example, the vehicle is now called Bloodhound LSR and wears a red-and-white racing livery.

THE BLOODHOUND land speed record vehicle has been given a new lease of life and is back on track to become the second auto in history to break the sound barrier.

Many of Bloodhound's original mechanics and technicians will also work on the project.

The Bloodhound LSR is first being prepared for an initial series of high-speed tests in South Africa, following a number of runs at up to 200mph on Newquay Airport a year ago.

Grafton LSR commercial director Ewen Honeyman said: "With Ian providing the cashflow to keep the project on track, Bloodhound LSR is a very different sponsorship proposition to the blue and orange auto".

The current land-speed record is 1 227.98 km/h.

Kevin Hamblin, executive principal of SGS Berkeley Green UTS, said the college is "excited" to have the project on site.

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