Stance On Google Stadia Exclusive Games Revealed

Joanna Estrada
March 24, 2019

"To do this right, we needed to make sure we had all the right minds" noted Sinda.

"People who love to play games, people who love to watch games and people who want to build games... we want to work with all of you", says Google CEO Sinda Pichai. Put simply, Stadia would be a Netflix for video games.

It seems like it took at least a few years before every company with content to watch chose to challenge Netflix with its own streaming TV service, leading to our current world where the streaming wars have just tricked cord cutters into falling for the cable model again. Mix in Stadia's scalability and platform-specific features, which provide the extra oomph for stuff from improved co-op experiences all the way up to truly massive multiplayer games, and the platform's value extends a bit beyond just game streaming.

If the feature is implemented as advertised a streamer can create a game lobby using Google Stadia where followers can apply and wait for their chance to play with them. All of that can be done seamlessly as long as all your devices operate on the same WiFi network. In grossly oversimplified terms, Stadia aims to deliver high-quality streaming games to a multitude of platforms, from Chromebooks to Pixels, and even the Chromecast Ultra.

Headed up by industry expert Jade Raymond, the development studio will bring "a new generation of games" to the platform, with Google with first- and third-party developers to ensure their projects work well with the hardware Google has to offer. However, many important details when it comes to Stadia, such as the final pricing model, are still unknown.

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Google will also be launching a game controller which will be called the Stadia controller when the service is launched. So that keeps the hardware price down - and that's good. An optional dedicated Stadia controller will be available.

It just so turns out that helping in video games is exactly what Assistant will get to do once Stadia launches later this year.

Harrison said he expects all gaming will eventually take place outside consoles, in cloud-powered streaming platforms similar to what Google announced. This will free users from hardware limitations of games that run on PCs and consoles as one has to spend on a chunk of cash to upgrade their hardware for more computing power.

"When players use Stadia, they'll be able to access their games at all times, and on virtually any screen".

Also, one doesn't need to download games.

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