NY Times Skewers Pelosi for Backing Down on Impeachment

Elias Hubbard
March 16, 2019

Steyer's op-ed pushed back on Pelosi's claim that a move to impeach would not have Republican support.

"Calling the president "ethically and intellectually unfit" for office, Speaker Pelosi told the Washington Post she is quote "not for impeachment". Pelosi's declaration that "he's just not worth it" is a tacit admission that there is no substance whatsoever to the anti-Russian campaign. That ended Wednesday morning.

Steyer is the head of a campaign, Need To Impeach, that calls on members to engage in political actions around impeaching President Donald Trump.

Trump tweeted Wednesday he greatly appreciates Pelosi's "statement against impeachment" but says "everyone must remember the minor fact that I never did anything wrong". The speaker said impeachment is too divisive to the country and should not be carried out unless there is "compelling and overwhelming" evidence of wrongdoing based on the report from special counsel Robert Mueller.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, one of the main promoters of the bogus allegations of Russian intervention in the U.S. elections, said Pelosi was "absolutely right" about the need for evidence so compelling that there would be bipartisan support for Trump's removal.

Pence still has an office in the Senate wing, where he serves as president.

"No. No. I don't think he is", she said.

But Trump likely will have to deal with one impeachment vote.

While several senior Democrats agree with Pelosi, those on the far-left including freshmen like Representatives Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., are pushing against the speaker.

"Most Americans don't believe in the impeachment process, they believe in our constitutional way of electing our president and vice president and no amount of whining or investigation is going to overturn that", he said.

The Mueller report rumors continue to fly around Washington, but no one is sure what the report will actually say concerning Trump's involvement with the Russians during the 2016 campaign. Pelosi's caution towards impeachment was echoed by House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, and other Democrats on Capitol Hill, who agreed their colleagues must remain patient until investigations have wrapped.

Then-Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan gave Pence the first-floor office space in 2017, just after President Donald Trump's inauguration.

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