Game of Thrones Final Season Episode Lengths Officially Revealed

Lawrence Kim
March 15, 2019

Heading into the final season of HBO's Game of Thrones, there had been rumors that the six Season 8 episodes would all be feature-length, spanning roughly 80 minutes.

The runtimes were unofficially leaked earlier in the week, disappointing some fans who were expecting each episode to essentially be a mini film. The season's six episodes felt more like "six movies" than they did a set of TV episodes, he insisted, which many people took to be a reference to their length. The network has confirmed the runtimes and air dates of all six of the much-anticipated season's episodes, the start of which is now less than a month away. However, the third episode and onward leap into cinematic territory with the final episodes pushing nearly an hour and a half each. The longest will be episode three at 82 minutes, followed by episode four at 78 minutes and the final two episodes both clocking in at 80 minutes apiece.

The live simulcast of the first episode will begin at 2am on Monday, April 15.

Episode 4 - May 5, 1 hr.

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The first episode, airing April 14, will run 54 minutes, the shortest episode of the season, while the second, on April 21, spans 58 minutes.

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