Microsoft app for the visually challenged gets a new feature

Joanna Estrada
March 14, 2019

It essentially uses AI to describe what's in a photo, letting blind and low vision users get an idea of what an image looks like.

The company announced Tuesday that it has taken this a step further, introducing a feature that allows people to explore photos by touch.

The features include; exploring photos by touch as this feature enables the users to tap their finger anywhere on their touchscreen smartphone that they will then be able to hear.

A similar feature was already available in the app through the live camera view, allowing users to get descriptions of objects actually in front of them instead of just in an image.

The app will also now have native iPad support, which Microsoft said will give the user a better experience when browsing images mainly because of the larger screen. Seeing AI users can also now customize the order in which the app displays channels, making it easier and faster to access the features they use most.

There's also a facial recognition built in the app as well, a user could very well take a picture of their friends and hear who's doing what and where, and whether there's an object in the picture and so on.

Furthermore, the app can describe the appearance of a person along with a prediction of their mood.

Microsoft's app, called Seeing AI, is available only on iOS and was first released back in 2017 but it was updated today with new capabilities. It uses machine learning technology to identify objects like Microsoft's app. The company today said it's now available for people in the US using Pixel phones running Android 8.0. While the new update perhaps isn't as major as that one was, it should still make Seeing A.I. a whole lot more useful for users.

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