Lisa Page Admitted Obama DOJ Ordered Stand-Down on Hillary Prosecution

Elias Hubbard
March 15, 2019

Page, who served as a special counsel to former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, has been criticized by Republicans for exchanging texts with Peter Strzok (a former FBI counterintelligence official) that were critical of Trump.

The House Judiciary Committee has released extensive transcripts from Lisa Page's closed-door testimony before them past year, and its shedding some new light on how she defended the Federal Bureau of Investigation from accusations of pro-Hillary Clinton, anti-Donald Trump biases.

In her testimony, Page also explained that she considered the possibility of the Trump campaign colluding with Russian Federation to be a much bigger deal than Clinton's mishandling of top-secret government information while she was secretary of state. Strzok was dismissed from Robert Mueller's team once the text messages were uncovered by internal investigations. Page left the team before the text messages were discovered. Page left the Bureau in May 2018 while Strzok was sacked by the FBI in August of that year.

But Page's testimony was perhaps the most salient evidence yet that the Justice Department improperly interfered with the FBI's supposedly independent conclusions on Clinton's criminal culpability, Ratcliffe alleged.

President Trump called out Justice Department over its possible mishandling of the email investigation in a tweet Wednesday. The inspector general concluded in June of a year ago that "the prosecutors' decision was based on their assessment of the facts, the law, and past Department practice in cases involving these statutes".

"We did not blow over gross negligence", Page said.

Trump tweets on Wednesday: "Comey testified (under oath) that it was a "unanimous" decision on Crooked Hillary". Lisa Page transcripts show he LIED.

Then-FBI Director James Comey announced in a July 2016 press conference that while Clinton, then the Democrat presidential nominee, had been "extremely careless" in handling classified information, "no reasonable prosecutor" would attempt to bring a case against her.

Page went on to suggest that the Obama-era Justice Department urged them away from that idea, saying charging Clinton on that statute was "constitutionally vague and not sustainable".

The former agent said that confidence in her did not color his investigative efforts.

"The president has been unfairly attacked from the moment he was elected in November 2016 on many fronts and now we're beginning just to see the vast scope of what most of us knew, that Ms. Clinton was treated completely differently than what we ended up seeing Trump being treated, and that's just wrong", Collins, R-Ga., said on "Hannity".

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