Dark mode comes to Google Chrome on MacOS

Joanna Estrada
March 14, 2019

Basically, Chrome 73 is the latest version of Google Chrome.

Keep in mind that Chrome's new dark mode looks pretty much the same as Incognito Mode, minus the warning that "you've gone incognito". So, as they say, go fill your boots. When Chrome detects that the user is on a 2G or slower network or that it would take more than 5 seconds to load a page, Data Saver kicks in by sending the page to Google's servers to be rendered in an optimized way and then sends that lite version to your phone.

Sure, you could download "dark mode" themes from the Chrome store before, Chrome's native dark mode features the design sensibilities one would expect from Google. In the latest release of its web-based operating system, that's Chrome 73, the company has enabled dark mode, which turns webpages and elements of the browser itself black. Other parts of the browser maintain the classic white colour scheme for now, such as the settings page.

Locate the "Appearance" setting, and select "Dark".

Chrome will automatically transition to Dark Mode. However, that said, there is an unofficial work around to get a dark mode of sorts on Windows 10: How To Enable Chrome Dark Mode In Windows 10. Additionally, features like cross-platform tab sharing are now under testing. Meanwhile, "Lite" pages are marked to the left of the Omnibar with a blue speedometer icon and text.

In addition to the wider support for PIP mode, Chrome 73 will also let developers add hardware media key support to web apps. Drop a comment and let us know! Some users are able to inadvertently access dark mode so there is at least some information to be had about it but dark mode simply isn't ready yet for the overwhelming majority of testers. The rollout of Chrome 73 is staged and will soon reach users on the aforementioned platforms.

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