Woman wins lottery 30 times in one day

Henrietta Strickland
March 12, 2019

"A couple of times during the day, I saw those numbers", she said.

Deborah Brown, Virginia in the USA, bought 20 Pick 4 tickets for the Virginia Lottery; with all of them having the same four digits for the same draw on 11 February.

Seeing that her numbers had come up, Deborah said she "nearly had a heart attack", which is a pretty standard reaction, I reckon.

The Richmond resident told NBC News she initially only bought 20 tickets with the winning 1-0-3-1 sequence from her local gas station.

Now in its 30th year, the Virginia Lottery generates more than $1.6million per day for Virginia's K-12 public schools.

Brown spent $30 in total for the tickets but won $5,000 for each, the highest available prize for a $1 ticket. The chances of matching all four numbers in exact order are 1 in 10,000.

She recently picked her check for $150,000.

'I almost had a heart attack!' Brown, of Richmond, told representatives of the Virginia Lottery as she claimed her prize. Last November, a NY man won $343 million in the Powerball jackpot after playing the same digits for 25 years.

Robert Bailey, 67, took the prize after plaiyng the number he played religiously at a deli in Harlem. The number on the tickets came up, and she won them all. After taxes Bailey walked away with $125.3 million - the fourth-largest payoff in US history and the top win ever in New York State.

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