Facebook makes it easier for Android users to keep their location private

Joanna Estrada
February 22, 2019

Android users had an all or nothing option, meaning if location tracking is enabled, Facebook will always be tracking you even when the app is closed. Blame it on Android.

YouTube Go, for example, allows you to download videos for offline viewing and Files Go lets you share files without a Wi-Fi connection. Android is hampered by an all-or-nothing approach.

Nothing has changed for Facebook's iOS users, though the company is sending out a similar notification to users who have location history turned on.

Sure, it might not make up for Cambridge Analytica or the many other privacy scandals Facebook has been involved in, but, um, it's a start? Although, an agreement was there to notify the users about it but it was a little vague, to be honest, and the users weren't able to properly comprehend what they were getting themselves into by agreeing to such terms. Facebook said in a news release. Previously, users had the choice to block the long-standing, location services function or allow it to operate with no options to adjust how and when Facebook could access their data. If you let Facebook know where you are, it'll know whether you've got the app open or not. The company has acknowledged that Android users have shown concern over the app's ability to continuously log location data in the background. But several former employees questioned the ethical implications of this type of security maneuver, with one person referring to the tactic as "very Big Brother-esque", according to CNBC. For users who never turned this setting on or turned it to off, will have the background location settings automatically turned to "off".

You can check to see if the feature is on or off and turn if off if desired.

Tap on Location Services to turn on or turn off location tracking.

You can find out if Facebook is tracking your location by going to the social network's settings. You can look for apps that have used a large amount of data each month.

Facebook is pushing out an alert to its Android app users who had previously turned on location history.

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