Petition To Sell Montana To Canada For $1 Trillion Goes Viral

Marco Green
February 20, 2019

Ian Hammond, who created the petition on, wants to sell The Treasure State to the Great White North for $1 trillion to help ease the USA national debt.

The description for the petition reads, "We have too much debt and Montana is useless".

Currently, more than 7,500 people have signed the petition.

They also asked if they get to keep Yellowstone National Park, whether they had to learn French and why Alaska wasn't targeted as it "doesn't even touch the other states". While $1 trillion is a hefty price tag, the overall United States deficit passed $22 trillion last week.

The petition says the US should tell Canada that Montana "has beavers or something" to convince the neighbors to the North to buy the state.

"I'm Montanan and hoping to join Canada without the moving costs", one signee wrote. Canada is too cold 3. "I want to live in Canada but I don't want to move".

"So, would residents be called Montanucks or Canatans?"

"I plan to retire next year, and I am torn between Montana, where I love to fly fish, or Canada, where there is no Trump. This would provide the best of all worlds". Meaning we'd have to sell near half of all the states to pay off that debt.

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