Players are mistakenly paying for Apex Construct, thinking it's Apex Legends

Joanna Estrada
February 18, 2019

To that end, it's heavily hinted that a way to report cheaters within the game is coming. Despite this, the developer has already banned over 16000 cheaters from the game.

Fast Travel Games communications manager Andreas Juliusson shared the freakish news on Reddit.

Of course, Respawn also took this opportunity to promise improved stability, performance and other quality of life features in future updates. Along with the possibility of solo and duo modes, it looks like a survival mode could also be on the horizon. The fast-paced action and sleek movement with character abilities and the added fact that the game is free to play has helped it gain vast popularity among other battle royale games.

Report tool or no, Respawn notes that over 16,000 cheaters have been identified and banned from the game - with Respawn planning to check-in daily with the community via posts keep them updated on all things Apex Legends.

"Since the launch of Apex Legends on Feb 4, visits to our store page on Steam has increased with over 4000%", Andreas from the developer, Fast Travel Games, wrote in a Reddit post. "Apparently people are prepared to buy what they think is Apex Legends for $29.99, even though it's a free-to-play title..." Despite being just two weeks old, the game saw a surge in popularity, accumulating more than 25 million players in that time span.

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