Chinese satellite captures moon and Earth like you've never seen them

James Marshall
February 6, 2019

But thanks to a Chinese satellite that's now in lunar orbit, we get to see the Erath and the Moon from a totally different and rare perspective.

A Chinese satellite now orbiting the moon has captured a attractive photo showing both the far side (AKA dark side) of the Moon as well as planet Earth in the background. Now, a new photo from a Chinese satellite captures a rare look at both full discs as seen from behind the moon.

The photo was taken with a camera linked to an amateur radio transceiver on board the Chinese DSLWP-B/Longjiang-2 satellite.

A Chinese satellite swooped behind the moon and snapped a shot of two worlds: the heavily-cratered moon, and in the distance, the cloud-covered planet Earth. Longjiang-2 has been a success, although during the Chang'e-4 landing the satellite was silent in order to not interfere with communications between the Earth and the lander. The first image from this timelapse was downloaded with the Dwingeloo telescope on February 4, 2019. "We did color-correct the original", one of the telescope operators, Tammo Jan Dijkema, said on Twitter.

As space agencies like NASA gear up and renewed interest in Moon exploration grows, we might learn a few more secrets about our nearest neighbor, and will hopefully get some more lovely images like this one.

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