The Future of Sports: Technology Takes to the Field

Ruben Hill
February 4, 2019

Football is a sport that has been around for centuries and is played and watched by millions across the nation. Each year thousands of people from all over the world travel far distances to watch football games and support their favourite teams.  With football players becoming more talented than ever before, football matches are also becoming more advanced with the technology used.  To find out how football is becoming more technologically advanced keep reading to find out more information.

How Football Has Evolved

Through time, like everything else football has seen many changes since it first started. The most changes made to football have occurred over the last 20 years. Players have to be much fitter than what they had to in the past because they now have to run further distances at a much quicker pace. Other changes made throughout the years include the materials used for footballs, the materials used on the fields and there have been adjustments and changes made to the rules. Not only has the game itself had changes but there have also been many changes made technology wise. From simply broadcasting football on television there has been a tremendous amount of advancements made to the technology associated with football and is still increasing rapidly.

Some of the technology expected to be used in football include the Foam Technology – temporary foam that indicates the distance that the other team should remain from the ball when a free kick is in action. This method was used as a trialled during the FIFA World Cup 2013. The Video Assistant Referee (VAR) is used to help the referee make decisions based on goals, red cards and penalties. Other technology that has found its place in football includes; Goal Line Technology, Goal Ref System and the Hawkeye System.

 Goal Line Technology

 Goal Line Technology is one of the newest pieces of technology introduced into football – this piece of technology is used to determine if a ball has passed over the goal line or if it has not. There are many pros and cons of Goal Line Technology. Some of the pros of Goal Line Technology are that it is beneficial because it can determine if a goal should be given or not, this could mean an extra goal to allow your team to win. It is also beneficial because it can pinpoint exactly where the ball is in the field by using sensors giving more accurate soccer results. This particular piece of technology is also used in sports such as tennis and cricket. However, many people are sceptical about the accuracy of the Goal Line Technology. How can anyone be sure this piece of equipment is 100% accurate every time? Other people are unsupportive of this type of equipment because it takes away one of the most important jobs of a referee – deciding if it is a goal or not.

What is Goal Ref System?

The Goal Ref System is a radio system and uses magnetic fields which are low-frequency to show if the whole ball has passed the goal line. The magnetic fields are both found attached to the goal and the other in the ball. The results are then sent over to the referee electronically to help him make decisions. Some people like this idea because it means it can ensure that accurate goals can be given to the team. However, other people are unsure of this type of technology as they feel that it is not reliable enough.

Hawkeye System

Hawkeye System has already found use in other sports such as cricket and tennis. For use in football, it has been tested and has given great accurate results. There are 3 cameras on each goal line which give an accurate outlook on if a goal has been scored or not. Many fans prefer this system over the others because it helps the referee make accurate decisions based on the footage shown from the cameras. However, some people believe that this is a fix and that the video footage can be edited to stop a goal being awarded.

Football Players Thoughts

Football players get the best view on the pitch of when the ball crosses the line or not. When a goal is not awarded and the players can see that it crossed over the line, it can be extremely frustrating especially if that goal was to be awarded the team could have potentially won the overall match. Steven Gerrard, former player and manager of Rangers – Scottish Premiership Club believes that goal-line technology should have been used to award a goal that was not given. However, Rio Ferdinand, former professional player, is not as keen on goal-line technology. This is because he feels that it will take all the fun out of football.

Publics Thoughts

There are many thoughts that surround the technology being used in football. Many people are torn between the pros and cons of these types of equipment. Despite the controversy surrounding this technology, they will still is implemented through the games. Due to high costs, this technology will be seen more frequently at the bigger games such as world cup games. Through time this technology will be used in all matches and as technology becomes more advanced the public are sceptical that technology might begin to take away from traditional football.

Overall view

Overall it is clear to see that over the years there have been many changes made to football from the way it is played right up to the technology used during matches. There are many great uses for goal-line technology that can help to determine if a goal should be given to a team or not. This also allows referees to make the correct decision and it can also stop arguments. However many people are unsure about the technology used throughout football games and are worried that the use of technology is taking away from the way football should be played.



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