7 Fascinating Scandals That Have Happened in the Gambling Industry History

Elias Hubbard
January 20, 2019

The world of gambling has seen a fair share of interesting scandals over course of time. Ever since the first gambling machine was introduced, the industry has grown in fascinating ways. Most of the controversies that have surrounded the gambling industry over the years have been as a result of organized criminal activity. In a market that has such huge volumes of cahs, organized crime is not unfamiliar. The following are some of the most fascinating scandals that have happened in the gambling industry.

1. Black Friday Scandal

This scandal happened in recent times and it has been described as a definitive scandal of the decade. The scandal happened in on the 11th of April, 2011. The US government through the Department of Justice charged Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker, and PokerStars with illegal operation of the gambling business. The three sites were required to settle their cases with the indicting government body. While PokerStars was able to make the settlement, the other two companies were unable to do so and they eventually shut down. This scandal has often been described as a ‘dark day’ in the poker industry and it has often been referenced in recent online casino Canada platforms.

2. Full Tilt Poker

This company was a huge player in the market for several years. It was launched in 2004 and it went on to become one of the top poker card ventures. There were many different options offered to players including mixed games, Draw Poker and Razz among others. The company was preferred by many because of its ability to come up with new and innovative versions. The Rush Poker was one particular version that attracted players by allowing them to play several hands per hour. Full Tilt Poker was hit by the first scandal when a supporter placed a lawsuit against it for failing to give her ownership rights. The Black Friday Scandal was, however, responsible for Full Tilt Poker’s troubles since it made users lost trust in the company.

3. Boston College Scandal

This scandal is one of those that are remembered for their scale. Over the 1978 – 79 basketball season, Rocco and Tony Perla became involved in a syndicate that saw them and other players of the team fix games for a period of time. The scheme became successful as there were concrete plans of ensuring that the players would get paid. The scandal came to light in 1980 after the arrest of Henry Hill, a member of the scheme. Hill disclosed the details of the scheme and this led to the arrest of the rest of the participants who received jail sentences.

4. Pete Rose

Pete Rose was a baseball player who went on to become a manager of the Cincinnati Reds. Before he had enough time as a manager though, he fell under investigation for illegal betting allegations. He was forced to cut all ties with the baseball industry and his recent revelations have shown that there were solid grounds to point to his illegal schemes. His career and achievements were thus dampened by this scandal.

5. Ron Harris

Ron Harris used his knowledge in the computer industry to make money illegally. While he was working for the Nevada Gaming Board, he started reprogramming the games such that he was able to hit the jackpots. Harris was able to do this trick all over Nevada. When he decided to involve Errol McNeal in Atlantic City though, his activities were discovered and they both got charged and sentenced.

6. Tim Donaghy

In recent times, a couple of scandals have hit the NBA. The Tim Donaghy is one that happened in 2017 and it involved match-fixing by this referee. Tim Donaghy revealed that he was involved in a scheme after details of his betting activities were announced. The FBI began investigating the referee and he revealed the full details of his activities once he was arrested. Donaghy was eventually charged and sentenced for the conspiracy.

7. Ali Tekintamgac

Ali Tekintamgac came up with a scheme that would allow him to know the cards of players. By using a crew acting like a documentary team, Tekintamgac expected to get tip-offs constantly from this crew thus giving him an edge. His scheme came under scrutiny during the 2010 Partouche Poker Tour after a tip-off. The full details of the scheme are still unknown as Tekintamgac will not disclose any details.

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