The Rock: Troops Didn't Fight for Generation Snowflake to Get Offended

Lawrence Kim
January 12, 2019

"So to the millennials, the interview never happened".

However, if you're going to complain about what The Rock said anyway you can go right ahead.

Criticizing ain't my style. And that is not who I am, and it is not what we do'.

Regardless of the context, which we'll nearly certainly hear more about in the days to come, it's hardly a great time for Johnson to throw down this particular gauntlet, especially when those snowflakes will become the biggest voting generation in the United States whenever the Boomers finally cede their grasp on the population majority. The actor, wrestler, and all-around nice guy denied that an apparent interview with a United Kingdom news outlet ever happened after he was quoted as accusing people of being too sensitive. "I was quite baffled when I woke up this morning". He acknowledged in his interview that indeed the world has come a long way, and for the better.

The Rock has a problem the people who see problems in everything. "So to the millennials, the interview never happened".

He concluded his video by telling his fans that he encourages empathy and growth.

Actor Dwayne Johnson - formerly, and fondly, known as WWE legend "The Rock" - has spoken out against "snowflake" culture, and he didn't mince any words whilst doing so.

In an interview with the U.K.'s Daily Star published on Friday, The Rock said that snowflakes' complaints do a disservice to the war heroes who fought for freedom of speech. Dwayne Johnson took to his social media of choice, Instagram, earlier today to say that he never actually dissed the "generation snowflake" that is always 'looking for a reason to be offended'. "If you are not agreeing with them then they are offended, and that is not what so many great men and women fought for".

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