Syrian state media: Anti-aircraft fires on 'enemy targets' near Damascus

Elias Hubbard
January 12, 2019

The Syrian state news agency said Israeli warplanes fired a number of missiles toward the Damascus area on Friday, triggering Syrian air defenses that shot down a lot of them.

The source claimed that air defenses intercepted "most" of the missiles and said a "ministry of transport warehouse at Damascus worldwide airport" was hit.

The source further said that the aggression occurred at 11:15 p.m. local time on Friday, adding, "Eight enemy targets spotted in the skies of Damascus exploded".

"At 11:15, Israeli fighter jets fired several missiles towards the area of Damascus, and instantly, our air defences confronted the missiles and downed majority", the source told SANA.

An AFP correspondent in Damascus heard several loud explosions.

These were near the airport and around the Kisweh area south of Damascus, the observatory said.

The last Israeli attack reported by Syrian state media was on 25 December, when a missile attack wounded three Syrian soldiers.

Israeli officials made no statement on Friday's reports, but seldom comment on alleged strikes.

Iranian and Iran-backed groups including Lebanon's Hezbollah have deployed into Syria in support of President Bashar al-Assad's government during the war. On that occasion an erroneous Syrian anti-aircraft missile flew into Israeli airspace, and was destroyed by Israeli air defenses.

Since then Israel has been very careful with its operation over Syria.

An unspecified number of the targets were hit, the agency reported, while the Syrian military source said the attack came from Israel.

According to AlHadath TV channel, airstrikes at Syria are delivered by Israeli Air Force. Syrian air defense systems were immediately activated to confront the "hostile targets", and managed to intercept "most" of the missiles, the source claimed.

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