Government shutdown impacts brewery business

Marco Green
Января 12, 2019

Stay thirsty my friends, apparently the border wall could be affecting beer sales.

Coult you next beer be affected by the government shutdown? The federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, in charge of approving labels and license for any new beer, wine and spirits, has been impacted by the shutdown, and some breweries are now waiting for their new products to be approved. Some grassroots businesses could face delays for opening, "Anyone that's implanting a brewery right now, it's an expensive cost and anyone that's created a timeline based on when they can open, when they can get approval- right now those people are all just sitting in wait", Darcy Kniefel, Beer Ambassador for Midnight Sun Brewing Company said.

Cameron, who makes close to 20 varieties of beer in his Bloomfield brewery said he and fellow beer makers all over the country will have to exercise some patience moving forward.

"Normally it's 10 days", said Brian Podwinski "it goes to our printer, we get it within a week, so really within a month of having a new beer designed we would have the label in hand, ready to package beer".

On Friday, Senator Richard Blumenthal is expected to visit Thomas Hooker Brewery for a roundtable discussion to hear concerns about the current issue from brewers across the state.

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