Tom Steyer Says He Won't Run For President In 2020

Elias Hubbard
Января 11, 2019

Billionaire hedge fund manager and philanthropist Tom Steyer announced Wednesday that he will not enter the 2020 race for president, ending speculation that he would be one of many candidates to make a bid for the Oval Office in what is expected to be a crowded Democratic primary.

"I am not running for president at this time", Steyer said at a press conference in Des Moines, Iowa. Given that Democrats have taken majority control of the House, the impeachment talk has reached an "inflection point" and Steyer is asking officials to act immediately. "That's why I just announced that I will be dedicating 100% of my time and effort in 2019 towards Mr. Trump's impeachment and removal from office".

Steyer said he spent $120 million on the 2018 elections, investing heavily in youth turnout, which he called an untapped source of Democratic support. Steyer says he will instead continue his campaign to push for impeachment hearings against the president.

The California billionaire said he will be specifically targeting congressional Democrats like Speaker Nancy Pelosi and New York Rep. Jerrold Nadler, the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, to begin impeachment proceedings against Trump.

Steyer said on Wednesday that he would use that email list - as well as an additional $16 million in money to Need to Impeach - to drum up more support for impeaching Trump.

Numerous indicators have shown that over the previous year, many Democrats consider the impeachment issue more politically hard than Steyer has made it sound.

Tom Steyer Says He Won't Run For President In 2020
Tom Steyer Says He Won't Run For President In 2020

"What I took from that trip was, if you see something really wrong, if you see someone who is doing something consistently wrong, that is wicked, that is against the values of society, you have to fight it the first day, the second day, the third day", he said.

"Mr. Trump has made division itself the centerpiece to his presidency". He creates crises to remain in power.

"There is no way to say that trying to move the American people to impeach and remove a president is a step down in difficultly", he said, joking that pushing impeachment is no "layup".

Steyer told CNN last week that he would run only if he believed he offered something new to the field of candidates.

"I said a year ago that I'm willing to do whatever I can to protect our country from this reckless, lawless and unsafe president", Steyer said.

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