Samsung Unveils Massive 219-Inch TV Called ‘The Wall’

Lawrence Kim
Января 11, 2019

At this week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Samsung unveiled a 219-inch television as part of a demonstration. The users will be able to customize this insanely large TV screen as per their own liking using modular kind of units that could be joined together.

According to CNN, the television uses MicroLED technology, which is supposed to create a brighter image using less energy.

CES is a big TV show. The modular pieces with the help of which such a big screen is built don't seem to be visible if one is standing about 6 feet away.

The TV is called "the wall".

The LG Signature OLED TV R can also be partially rolled out - a mode that shows about 25% of the screen for simple displays like time and weather. The television runs an unknown Samsung processor (presumably a version of the company's Quantum Processor 8K that powers QLED-based Q900-series 8K UHDTVs) that supports the manufacturer's AI upscaling tech along with other premium capabilities. Just like the Q900, "The Wall" can blend with surroundings to match style of the interior, a feature that Samsung is especially proud of.

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