Rajasthan: Newborn decapitated in botched delivery, two hospital employees booked

Elias Hubbard
January 11, 2019

A nurse at an Indian hospital has reportedly accidentally pulled the head off a baby during its birth.

Health department officials said a probe is on.

The Hindustan Times said the nurse had pulled "so hard while attempting to deliver the baby that it broke into two parts".

Dr Sharma has also been taken off duty while the investigation continues.

It is alleged two nurses in the medical team, Amritlal Singh and Juhjar Singh, hid the child's headless body in the medical centre's mortuary and advised one of the hospital's doctors that they had finished Ms Kanwar's delivery but there was a problem delivering the placenta.

After the incident, they asked family members to take the woman to Jaisalmer claiming that the opening of the womb had closed and it was hard to take the umbilical cord out.

The doctors at Jodhpur's Umaid Hospital realised that there had been a botch-up and informed the parents, who then filed a police complaint. He led the police to the spot where he had hidden the torso. The doctors informed the woman's relatives and the family members.

A case has been opened against two male nurses but police are yet to arrest them.

Dr Usha Duggad, principal medical officer at Jawahar government hospital said it was a rare case.

What is more shocking is that the woman named Diksha Kumar visited a different hospital only to find out about the fiasco as the staff at the previous hospital didn't inform her about the debacle. There were two male nurses present when the woman was brought to the PHC before midnight, on the intervening night of January 6 and 7. The baby was half out when the pregnant woman was brought to the PHC. Health department joint director (Jodhpur) Dr S K Parmar on Thursday rushed to Jaisalmer from Jodhpur to investigate the matter.

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