Billie Eilish Surprises Fans With New Song "When I Was Older"

Lawrence Kim
Января 11, 2019

"When we were composing the song, we wanted to write from within the narrative of the movie and the scenes that struck us the most from it", the siblings reveal. "Having access to the sounds used in the film proved to be invaluable to help us convey this".

It's no surprise which film of 2018 Billie Eilish likes best going into awards season, and apparently it's "Roma". The chorus has the ocean sounds overplayed on it. "Nothing about this song would exist without the film, which is exactly what we love about it". Roma is not a movie aimed at Eilish's demographic, but here's Eilish with a Roma song anyway.

"When I Was Older" will appear in Sony Music's "inspired by" music track, put together by Roma's director, later this year.

The gloomy, blippy track somehow recalls both Lil Uzi Vert's "XO TOUR Llif3" and Radiohead's "Pyramid Song", and it's billed as "from music inspired by the movie Roma", though it did not appear on that film's soundtrack. You can now stream the movie on Netflix.

As a teaser, "When I Was Older" is full of hopeful portent for the project.

Seventeen-year-old rising star Billie Eilish has unveiled a new single with an unlikely origin story.

Billie Eilish teased the release to her 11 million fans on her Instagram account yesterday. Late past year, she released the singles "Come Out And Play" and 'When The Party's Over'.

"When I was older, I was a sailor on an open sea", Eilish sings in the opening and repeated refrains in the song, "but now I'm underwater, and my skin is paler than it should ever be".

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