Alex Hepburn trial: Cricketer 'raped woman after joining WhatsApp sex game'

Elias Hubbard
Января 11, 2019

Hepburn, who plays as an all-rounder for Worcestershire County Club in United Kingdom, allegedly attacked the woman in a dark bedroom shortly after she had sex with one of his teammates (Joe Clarke) after a night out in a champagne bar in Worcester in April 2017.

The court was told references had been made in the WhatsApp group to "freshies" and "re-heats", alleged to relate to women its members had or had not slept with previously.

Hepburn, of Portland Street, Worcester, denies two counts of rape, claiming the alleged victim was awake and that initial kissing led to consensual sexual contact.

Perth-born Worcestershire county cricketer Alex Hepburn was charged by police in November 2017 over an alleged incident at his then-home in the Worcester suburb of Diglis seven months earlier.

The woman further denied Ms Heeley's assertion she and the defendant had "moved around the bed".

Upon the realisation the woman, who can not be identified, called Hepburn a "sick bastard" and phoned a friend to tell her about the alleged rape, reports The Guardian.

The court heard the alleged victim met ex-England Lions player Clarke, 22, at a club before having sex at his flat.

"I couldn't believe what had just happened". "Alex has raped me".

Prosecutor Miranda Moore QC said: "Next thing the woman could remember was a man straddling her shoulders". But, she woke up next to Alex and that left her shocked.

The cross-examination took an emotional toll on the alleged victim after Michelle Heeley QC, defending said: "Clarke has a large penis - did you not notice any difference?" according to The Sun.

Heeley said: "The fact it continued for ten minutes, I suggest, shows it was something you were actively enjoying and engaging in?"

"She was distressed, she said that she had phoned the police and they were on their way".

"I couldn't understand why it wasn't the person who I fell asleep next too", she said.

Clarke, the court was told, then asked Hepburn about the claims and "he just said no and shook his head".

Heeley described the "game" as "basically a contest as to who could sleep with the most women".

Giving evidence, his accuser told a trial she wrongly thought she was having sex with Mr Clarke when the attack began.

The defence case is due to start on Wednesday.

Hepburn said in one message read out to Worcester crown court: "Excited as f*** lads, Clarkey the shags have to be legit?"

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