Vacaville Man Accused of Stealing Lotto Ticket Worth $10M from Roommate

Elias Hubbard
January 10, 2019

Saosongyang was invited to the lottery office to collect his winnings on January 7, "but instead of him celebrating his big win he was arrested by Vacaville PD Detectives", police said. The ticket turned out to be a victor - and he thought it was worth $10,000. He went home to share the good news with Saosongyang and their other roommate. But the ticket he presented was not a victor. That's also when Saosongyang learned the scratcher wasn't a $10,000 victor and instead was a $10 million victor.

He reported the matter to police after suspecting that one of his two roommates had taken the ticket and replaced it with a fraudulent one while he was sleeping, the Sacramento Bee reported.

A 35-year-old man from Vacaville, California, was arrested on Monday, believed to have stolen a lottery ticket worth $10m from his roommate.

But the winning ticket wasn't worth a meager US$10,000, the roommate was told.

Saosangyang must have thought all his Christmases had come at once when he was told it was worth $US10 million, not $US10,000. But when officials examined the ticket, they told him it was not a victor and that it had been altered to make it look like he'd won.

Police say on December 20, the man who asked the department to not identify him, bought a $30 scratcher ticket from the Lucky Grocery store on Peabody Road. Theft of lottery tickets is relatively common.

The officials were told at the Lucky Grocery Store, where the ticket was purchased, that it might have been stolen. But cases like this show that the high-stakes contest can also motivate more petty forms of personal betrayal.

The Lottery investigator began comparing notes with a Vacaville PD detective on the suspected theft. Who was responsible for the ticket presented the following day? Together, they found that Saosongyang had allegedly purchased a similar ticket to his roommate's, altered it and swapped it for the winning ticket.

On Monday, the investigator summoned Saosongyang to the Sacramento office to collect his winnings.

Best case scenario, Vacaville Police Department spokesman, Lt. Chris Polen told NPR, the part-time restaurant worker figured any winnings above the cost would put a little extra cash in his pockets over the holidays.

Saosongyang was invited to "collect his winnings" at a lottery office, where police waited for him.

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