Extraordinary helicopter rescue in the French Alps

Elias Hubbard
January 10, 2019

A helicopter pilot showed off their incredible navigation skills when they rescued an injured skier in France last week.

Nicolas Derely wrote in a Facebook post that he was with his family skiing on January 2 when his son's friend injured his knee.

A helicopter pilot has pulled off a precision landing to rescue an injured skier on the French Alps, with the aircraft's rotor blades spinning dramatically close to the mountainside.

The man, named as Bruno, had become exhausted and suffered an agonising fall.

The chopper's blades come dangerously close to the mountainside, as it hovers inches from the stranded skier, so close that the aircraft's nose nearly appears to swallow the figure lying in the snow.

The medics fitted a leg brace on to Bruno before the helicopter returned to perform the daring procedure again.

The video was uploaded to Facebook by user Nicolas Derely on January 3 and has been shared more than 5,500 times.

The first video was filmed before the dramatic rescue. The injured skier was taken to Chamonix Hospital.

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