Audi Offering A New Way to Ride at CES 2019: Virtually

Joanna Estrada
January 10, 2019

Audi's VR experiment consists of a set of virtual reality goggles that take the human mind into a game titled Marvel's Avengers: Rocket's Rescue Run. "If the auto turns a tight corner, the player curves around an opposing spaceship in virtual reality".

Using an e-tron battery-electric SUV as a test vehicle, second-row passengers are transported into outer space, where they are aboard the ship manned by Marvel Studios' Guardians of the Galaxy, including Rocket, as it navigates an asteroid field. The rocket ship will then mimic the exact movements of the vehicle, including turning, stopping, slowing, and accelerating.

Audi demoed the tech in its new e-tron electronic vehicle, where the auto took the role of a virtual spaceship for a Guardians of the Galaxy-inspired adventure through an asteroid field- part of a collaboration with Disney Games, Interactive Experiences and Marvel. What's unique about the experience is that every movement of the vehicle is replicated in real time, so if the auto speeds up so does the ship, if the vehicle takes a left-hand bend the ship will fly around an obstacle accordingly.

"The idea is to give people something interesting to do when they're riding as a passenger in a auto", says Audi head of digital business Nils Wollny. If the e-Tron accelerates, so does the VR you. When the auto moves, such as making turns or accelerating, players of the VR game experience similar moves in the virtual spaceship piloted by Rocket Raccoon from Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy". "We can only develop this new entertainment segment by adopting a cooperative, open approach for vehicle, device and content producers". "Since the visual experience and the user's actual perception are synchronised, conventional movies, series or presentations can also be viewed with a significantly reduced chance of motion sickness".

Audi was founded by August Horch in Germany in 1910.

Audi has always followed its tagline "Vorsprung Durch Technik" which in English translates to "Improving Through Technology".

Through a new subsidiary, Audi Electronics Venture GmbH, the German automaker created a start-up company, holoride GmbH, which will commercialize this virtual reality games and other technologies for entertainment using an open platform that will be made available to all carmakers and content developers in the future.

Audi and Marvel Studios first partnered in 2008, when an Audi R8 appeared in Iron Man. "While this CES demo was developed purely in the spirit of exploration and experimentation, we are constantly evaluating emerging technologies to enhance our stories and experiences".

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