AMD's 7nm Radeon Vega VII takes aim at Nvidia's RTX 2080

Joanna Estrada
January 10, 2019

At CES 2019, AMD today announced Radeon VII, the world's first 7nm gaming graphics card.

Along with the 7nm GPU AMD is also filling the Radeon VII with a huge amount of video memory, and that means a full 16GB of HBM2 - way more than even the RTX 2080 Ti.

There were plenty of Ryzen 3000 and Zen 2 rumours floating around prior to AMD's CES keynote today. AMD wasn't ready to disclose frequencies as they haven't been finalized yet sadly.

Similarly, Su showed off benchmark tests on Battlefield V, Fortnite, and Strange Brigade running 25 to 42 percent faster compared with the Radeon RX Vega 64.

Here's the Radeon VII in the flesh.

Before we start talking about how it compares to the competition, however, let's talk numbers.

AMD has officially announced its next-generation high performance gaming graphics card, the AMD Radeon VII. I'll have to wait until review samples are available to see if this claim holds up, of course, but with the card launching on February 7th worldwide, it shouldn't be too long before we can find out. And that, along with the boost from the 7nm Vega architecture, could be what brings the Radeon VII up to the performance level of the RTX 2080.

AMD CEO Lisa Su holding a Radeon VII card. Gamers can effortlessly capture, stream and share their memorable moments and clutch victories with Radeon ReLive; monitor performance and PC system info, and socialize with the AMD Link application; and fine-tune a range of settings to fit their needs with RadeonWattMan technology.

Basically, you're looking at a 12% increase in performance with this AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation processor. For the live demo AMD chose to show off Devil May Cry 5 running at around 100 fps in 4K max settings. With price parity against the RTX 2080, AMD is clearly angling to challenge that chip, but we won't know how effective that challenge will be until we have hardware in-house. Damn, this AMD Radeon VII is just layers upon layers of clever.

It is likely that AMD will use more power for the same performance - 300W vs. 250W - and lack any forward-looking ray tracing support, but the Radeon VII deal is sweetened a little with the knowledge it will ship with codes for upcoming Devil May Cry 5, The Division 2 and Resident Evil 2 titles.

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