First meteor shower of 2019 to peak Thursday night

James Marshall
January 5, 2019

Astronomy lovers in the region, including in Singapore and Malaysia, may want to stay up on Thursday (Jan 3) night with the first - and possibly best - meteor shower of the year expected to peak in the early hours of Friday.

Mid- and far-north latitudes will have the best chance to see the peak, which lasts only a few hours.

Asia, Europe, South America will also get the treat of seeing a partial lunar eclipse on 16th of the same month, with the lunar eclipse reaching its peak at around 5:30 p.m. ET (21:30 UTC).

The peak will be roughly from midnight through dawn on Friday morning.

False-color image of a rare early Quadrantid, captured by a NASA meteor camera in 2010.

For optimal viewing, it's recommended you drive away from the city and any bright lights - places like the grounds of the Lake Afton Public Observatory or a countryside spot are ideal.

However, your eyes will take a while to adjust to the gloom so try to be patient.

The skies are predicted to be reasonably clear across the country tonight.

Be sure to bundle up if you're trying to view the shower, as temperatures are expected to be in the mid-twenties overnight Thursday.

Where in the sky should I look?

That's because the Quadrantids' namesake constellation no longer exists - at least, not as a recognized constellation.

You should face northeast but try to keep an eye on the entire sky.

Here are Nasa's tips for viewing the Quadrantids: 'Come prepared for winter weather with a sleeping bag, blanket or lawn chair. Their prominent position in the sky near the Big Dipper means it's easier to catch, but unlike other famous showers these last only a few hours.

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