Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda Perform 22 Musicals in 12 Minutes

Lawrence Kim
December 20, 2018

For example, did you know the box office returns on Mary Poppins allowed Walt Disney to purchase the land that would become Disneyland? "So tonight, we'll be doing a Role Call celebrating some of the greatest movie musicals of all time, as fast as we can, in one take". Miranda was understandably disappointed that he didn't get to be part of that song, telling the singing pair, "I am not throwing away my shot", referencing his song, "My Shot" from his musical, Hamilton. From there, Blunt donned a boa and Corden jumped on the piano for a sultry rendition of Chicago's "All That Jazz".

Mary Poppins Returns is out in theaters today, the sequel to the original film which is set in London in the 1930s, two decades after the events of the original film, in which Mary Poppins comes back to help the now-adult Jane and Michael Banks after suffering a family tragedy.

Corden then took on a banjo-ed Kermit in The Muppet Movie before Blunt nailed The Wizard of Oz's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". With the help of a large number of wigs, costumes, and props, the trio ran through 22 different movie musicals - and there was plenty of room for genre musicals. An understated Once immediately transitioned into a green screen-inspired Fame, followed by Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

In any case, check out this really fun and very happy video where Blunt, Miranda, and Corden trip the light fantastic through musical classics from across the ages.

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