Pokemon Go Finally Gets 'Trainer Battles', Offering a PvP Mode

Joanna Estrada
Декабря 16, 2018

The frantic tapping mechanics of the battles in GO may leave long-time fans wanting for something a little more in-depth, but at least it's good to know Niantic is still working on improving the game with features fans have been asking for since release.

Pokemon Go has finally received the much-anticipated PvP mode that lets you challenge another trainer and battle them using your Pokemon collection. Battle requests aren't being sent via push notifications for some users, however this is less of as bug and more a part of the feature Niantic is already aware of, according to Eurogamer. Players can use new Protect Shields during Trainer Battles, but only two are available in each battle. The game has now, however, expanded its presence for players on as low as level 10. If this is the case, you can show them your QR code in the Nearby menu and do battle without becoming friends.

If you don't have any close friends in the game or anyone nearby, there are characters you can fight called battle team leaders. "Your selected team of Pokemon will be able to execute both their Fast Attack and Charged Attack moves. In preparation for battle, you'll even be able to use Stardust and Candy to unlock a bonus Charged Attack for your Pokemon". Gone was the need to whittle a Pokémon's health down before capture, the ability to trade your companions over and the battle-based levelling system. Trainer Battles have three leagues: the Great League, which has a maximum of 1,500 CP per Pokémon; the Ultra League, which has a maximum of 2,500 CP per Pokémon; and the Master League, which has no CP limit. On the part of in-game rewards during battles, you'll be given some rear evolution items.

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