Destiny 2: Forsaken DLC Season begins | PC

Joanna Estrada
Декабря 9, 2018

Week 1 of Black Armory also features a new raid experience in a new setting.

In this part of the quest, you must get 15 multikills and 50 Hive kills.

If you are have searching for how to acquire the First to the Forge Emblem in Destiny 2, do not worry guardian, as we have everything you need to know in order be one of the first to add the new emblem to their cosmetic item collection. There are plenty of destinations to do this in, but one of the easiest is on Mars completing Escalation Protocol. Grab Thunderlord or any other Heavy Weapon used for crowd control and slay away until you reach the desired amount.

For this next step, you'll need to kill 25 Powerful Enemies.

Destiny 2: Forsaken DLC Season begins | PC
Destiny 2: Forsaken DLC Season begins | PC

The highly anticipated expansion to "Destiny 2: Forsaken" has not impressed some gamers. In our game, the enemy type was a Servitor. However, if you want to speed this up, then visit the Leviathan raid. Stay in your desired destination to complete the next requirement, which is to "collect Radiant Seeds" from dead yellow bars.

The process to securing the new cosmetic item in Destiny 2 is not a hard one but will require you to shell out some money in order to have the new item be a member of your collection.

Here's a great video by Mesa Sean showing how to tackle the Volundr Forge with some great tips. The "Black Armory" expansion, which was supposed to bring in new players and get old players excited, may have had the opposite effect. A look at the comments section of an IGN post on the gameplay footage shows that the players are not happy about the power level 630 enemies that they have to face right at the start. In a recent video hyping Destiny 2's new wave of content, the game's creative director, Steve Cotton, and production director, Scott Taylor, joked that they weren't high level yet going into this content. Black Armory's seasonal content will begin rolling out today through March 4, 2019. Open it up, and you'll get the Weapon Core required for the Machine Gun Frame quest step. Tell us in the comments section!

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