Prey’s Multiplayer Update Typhon Hunter Finally Arrives Next Week

Joanna Estrada
December 7, 2018

Until now, Prey has been a solitary, paranoid experience, and cribbing from Prop Hunt for the multiplayer is a brilliant decision. Six players, one as an increasingly paranoid human and the other five as shapeshifting Mimics waiting for a chance to pounce.

For those equipped with VR headsets, the update also adds a new VR-only "escape room" campaign called TranStar VR, in which you'll "complete objectives and solve intricate puzzles" in Talos 1 locations including Morgan's office, the Sim Labs, and the Yellow Tulip, just ahead of the events of Prey. Also coming in a 2019 update is Typhon Hunter VR, for people who won't just die instantly when a frightful alien shadow-spider jumps at their face. The update will be free to those who own the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game, or who own the "Prey: Mooncrash" DLC. Like the base Prey game, player Mimics can disguise themselves as everyday objects like coffee cups or a roll of toilet paper.

Each match begins with a prep period for Mimics. Morgan will win if all of the Mimics are killed before time runs out, but he/she only has a Pistol or a Wrench as a weapon. As Morgan, you'll be tasked with hunting down all five of your opponents and defeating them before time runs out in the match. Mimics only have a single life, so a full-on assault can be a huge risk. It will be an escape room-style mode where you fill in the shoes of a TranStar employee. This device may be the key to protecting humanity from the Typhon aliens, but you'll need to use all the available scientific gadgetry in the correct sequence to get it working. It's with this tech that you will convince Morgan Yu he is still in his apartment on Earth - but there are some kinks to work out and you're the only person who can fix them. But the Yellow Tulip is empty when you arrive, and all you can find is a mysterious sequence of clues and puzzles for you to follow. Prey has already conditioned its players well, so barring any technical foibles, it won't take people long to get the hang of the multiplayer.

Prey: Typhon Hunter sneaks onto PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on December 11.

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