Captain Marvel learns about her true origins in the new trailer

Lawrence Kim
December 6, 2018

Expanding on a scene from the first "Captain Marvel" trailer, the Skrulls are just as capable of blending in with Earth's human population as Danvers is, resulting in a bout of acrobatic subway vehicle fighting between the movie's heroine and a little old lady. Which means that, before we get the Avengers 4 trailer, we've now got a new one for Captain Marvel.

"Captain Marvel" will be the penultimate film of the MCU's third phase, capped by a fourth "Avengers" ensemble movie, due May 2019, in which Brie Larson is also scheduled to appear.

If it's not his exasperation with the Avengers that makes Nick Fury so relatable, it's definitely his reaction to Goose (an apparent replacement for Chewie, Captain Marvel's cat in the comics). Both characters were also turned to ashes in Infinity War. And while it keeps the mystery, it lets us know what to expect from the movie. Carol - played by Brie Larson - is already a skilled warrior but has amnesia about her life on Earth and has yet to know of her true abilities.

Captain Marvel takes the idea of origin stories in a different direction. Her comic book origins are complicated at best and have only recently been modified to be slightly more streamlined care of the recent The Life Of Captain Marvel mini series released this year.

We talked about Spider-Man: Far From Home before, as the film delivered evidence that several main Marvel characters have survived the snap at the end of Infinity War.

Though Carol was born human, her Kree DNA slows down her aging process, making it only natural that she'd look more or less the same after twenty-plus years. "It wasn't until we completed our first fight sequence that they said, 'We gotta tell you, no one actually does this, but it's really cool.' I was completely bruised and the next morning I woke up and felt like I had ridden every roller-coaster and drank a bottle of whisky the night before".

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