I flashed my underwear to attract Bill Clinton - Monica Lewinsky

Lawrence Kim
November 18, 2018

In the doc, Lewinsky takes responsibility for the affair and also describes many low points, including contemplating suicide when she was being interviewed by Federal Bureau of Investigation agents in a hotel room.

Monica Lewinsky opens up about her relationship with former president Bill Clinton in a new series set to debut on Sunday.

The six-part documentary reveals that private meetings between her and Clinton were arranged so as not to arouse suspicion.

"This was the first time we had alone since I had been banished to the Pentagon".

'His reason: 'Because I could.' (And, yes, that's a direct quote),' she wrote this week referring to Clinton's 2004 interview with Dan Rather.

Lewinsky recalls the gifts she received from Clinton and the impact they had on her.

'I just felt bad ... and I was scared ... and I was mortified, ' she says while trying to regain her composure.

In a March column for Vanity Fair, Lewinsky admitted that she had been naive when, in 2014, she publicly defined the relationship as "consensual".

I flashed my underwear to attract Bill Clinton – Monica Lewinsky lailasnews 1
Monica Lewinsky Looks in Awe of President Clinton in Newly Surfaced Video

In a new preview clip from the series, Lewinsky reveals how she caught Clinton's eye, after initially thinking he was just another "old guy with wiry gray hair".

Friend told The Post that Lewinsky self-censored until 2014, when she became a contributing editor for Vanity Fair. "I thought maybe he'd notice me again and notice me he did". "He paid a lot of attention to me, he spent time, held my hand for longer than he should have", Lewinsky says in "The Clinton Affair".

"Bill gave me this box which had a hat pin and he said, 'Because you know, you always look so cute in hats, '" remembers Lewinsky.

Foster said that Lewinsky is speaking out now because next month will mark the 20th anniversary of Clinton's impeachment.

Exceptions include an outing to Alan Cumming's NY nightlife spot Club Cumming for her birthday this July, where she even performed Somewhere Over the Rainbow in front of the crowd which sang Happy Birthday back to her. To keep his attention, she said she wore the same outfit two days in a row.

It's a massive turn-around for the Lewinsky who regularly shielded herself from the public eye and was careful about talking of the former first family of the United States.

"Going out there into the world isn't that easy to her", added the source of Lewinsky.

"Anytime I'm anywhere with her, someone comes up and tells her how incredible the work she's done these past few years has been - how it allows people to confront their bullies or to deal with shame", said the source. "She wanted to get her story out there". "She's empowered other people".

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