United States to partner in Papua New Guinea military base: Mike Pence

Marco Green
November 17, 2018

"It is time that member countries of Apec and other trade organisations realise that in the age of disruption, a fairer and more genuine cooperation between the developed and developing nations can help member states to deal with the disruption", Dr Mahathir said in a keynote address at the Apec CEO Summit here held on P&O cruise ship "The Pacific Explorer".

Xi criticised "America First" trade protectionism and stressed that global trade rules should not be applied "with double standards or selfish agendas".

"We don't drown our partners in a sea of debt", he said. "We do not offer a constricting belt or a one-way road". We don't coerce, corrupt, or compromise your independence. It is not targeted against anyone and it does not exclude anyone. nor is it a trap as some people have labelled it.

"When you partner with us, we partner with you and we all prosper".

Trump's withdrawal from the TPP past year and his push for bilateral trade deals are causing concern among allies, according to Ashley Townshend, director of the foreign policy and defense program at the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney.

"One common issue that might be brought up by both leaders is the situation in Myanmar because Canada has of late been very interested in Myanmar, in the Rohingya issue", Saifuddin said yesterday.

Mr. Pence's warning on Saturday contrasted with remarks made by Mr. Trump on Friday, when he said he may not impose more tariffs after China sent the United States a list of measures it was willing to take to resolve trade tensions.

In a major speech, Xi also stressed that there would be no winners from a trade war or a new cold war amid increasing rivalry between the world's top two economies.

Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison at a press conference during the 2018 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.

"[Pence and Xi] represent the two biggest economies that are part of the APEC group", he said. President Xi was all about [US President] Donald Trump's tariffs.

There have been concerns that small countries that sign up for infrastructure projects will be left with debt burdens they can not service, something Pence highlighted.

"So, just [as] with aid and investment, food and drinks receptions come with strings attached. It's that geopolitical context that's on show here, as much as it's about the official talks".

In the absence of Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, the summit has been relatively low key and the focus has turned to the venue Port Moresby.

"We filled forms for passes - with the worldwide media - yesterday, around midday, thinking the issue of (airport) access would have been resolved by now".

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