Men Dressed Up As A Bus To Cross Vehicle-Only Bridge

Elias Hubbard
Ноября 16, 2018

Recently surfaced footage shows the quartet inside a makeshift cardboard bus, attempting to maintain their disguise while trying to merge into the left traffic lane.

Video recorded from a vehicle shows the group walking the "bus" alongside traffic before a security guard orders them to side of the bridge.

Four creative individuals wanting to cross the car-only Zolotoy Bridge in Vladivostok, Russia, came up with a novel idea to get across the cable-stayed overpass - become a human-powered bus. They say that the bridge is the shortest route into the city center and the off-limits rule for hikers is unfair.

Really though, what were these four men thinking? After navigating traffic for a time, the group are apprehended by a security guard relatively early on who demands they turn back around.

A woman who filmed the incident from her vehicle can be heard expressing surprise and delight when she sees the "bus", and then saying authorities ought to leave it alone.

Give them an "A" for audacity but their caper flunked. It's lovely. It's art.

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