Thais urged to watch the sky for Leonid meteor shower

James Marshall
November 14, 2018

Astronomy and night sky lovers are in for a treat this weekend.

During in November every year the residents of Northern Hemisphere including Qatar residents have a good chance to see and observe two meteor showers "Taurid & Leonid" at different times along in November, Qatar Calendar House (QCH) said.

It's time for the annual Leonid meteor shower, which will take place from the 17th of November, on Saturday, until the next day, the 18th of November, on Sunday. However, since the moon is becoming fuller right now, its glow is likely to wash out numerous meteors.

It's true; the meteor shower will begin sometime earlier in the night, just before the dawn to be exact, at about 3 am.

The Leonids meteor shower is created by bits of debris left behind by the repeat passages through the inner solar system of comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle.

NASA hosts a web page that compiles eye witness accounts from that 1966 storm and one of those eyewitnesses, Mike Jones, who was a cadet at Fort Wolters near Mineral Wells, Texas, at the time, says he observed dozens of meteors falling from the night sky every second. Many of these debris streams have drifted across the November portion of Earth's orbit. However, the Leonid meteor shower is not known for producing larger meteors capable of surviving the burn-up.

The Leonid meteors find their origins in the constellation that's called Leo, but when It comes to meteor-watching, it really depends on how you look up into the sky - this is the best way to spot the meteors that have longer tails. NASs meteor expert Bill Cooke told that meteors are visible with the naked eye, so there's no need for additional equipment like binoculars or a telescope, although it might help.

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