Three Asteroids Set To Fly Close To Earth This Weekend

James Marshall
November 11, 2018

Ok, so that was a bit dramatic, the truth is that boffins at NASA are telling us about a trio of asteroids which are set to pass us this weekend. According to PSI, Asteroid VS1, 17 meters in length, will be closest to earth on Saturday at a distance of 13,98,161 km, which is four times the distance between Earth and Moon.

Asteroids of size up to 30 metres in diameter will pass by our planet one after the other on November 10. The space Agency said: "as soon as they revolve around the Sun, objects can sometimes approach close to the Ground".

A trio of enormous asteroids will skim past Earth this weekend, Nasa has warned.

The three asteroids will fly past within a matter of hours.

"Note that a "close" passage astronomically can be very far away in human terms: millions or even tens of millions of kilometres".

Sky gazers will get lucky tonight as a giant asteroid larger than a double-decker bus will come closer to Earth than the moon does.

Now, if that sounds close, consider this: all the planets in our solar system, including Pluto, can fit between Earth and the moon.

Scientists predict that the largest of the space rocks, dubbed 2018 VR1, is up to 100 feet (30 metres) wide - as long as a blue whale. reported, this extremely close fly-by of the asteroid gives it the title of a Close Earth Approach by a Near Earth Object (NEO)'. Luckily, none of the other asteroids pose a threat of impact because of their trajectories - but NASA still classifies their approaches as "close".

People here on Earth will be able to see the star of the show - asteroid 2018 VX1 - online at about 1:20 p.m. EST (18:20 UTC), "the moment of its minimum distance from us", Masi said.

Racing through speeds of around 6.06km per second, Asteroid VX1 is approximately somewhere between 25.9ft and 59ft in diameter. That's because asteroids are relatively small and, therefore, hard to spot.

It's possible to then compare the images and then look out for small objects that have changed position.

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