Trump vows to fight against Democrats in the wake of midterm defeat

Elias Hubbard
November 9, 2018

Rep. Peter Welch speaks at the Democratic election night party Tuesday.

If current vote totals hold, Democrats and Republicans will split California's 10th, 25th, 39th, 45th, 48th, and 49th districts, all of which were competitive districts won by Hillary Clinton in 2016.

As the ranking Democrat, Engel has issued a steady stream of barbed commentary over Trump's policies - among them, withdrawing from the nuclear deal with Iran and weapons treaties with Russian Federation, threatening to withhold aid to Central America, slashing refugee admissions and support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen.

"They did very poorly".

The crossover support, a strong showing in urban Charleston County, and Cunningham's fundraising lead were enough to push him over the finish line on Election Day. He's confirmed so many circuit judgesmany of whom are strongly anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ rights and anti-voting rights, and almost all of whom are ideologues handpicked by the conservative Federalist Society ― that 1 in 7 seats on the US circuit courts are now filled by judges nominated by Trump.

The interview is edited and condensed. The midterm elections resulted in some historic milestones. How are they misreading the 2018 midterms?

There are a lot of reasons he'd be a serious frontrunner if he decides to enter the race, but his ability to appeal to the Midwest working class - his ability to speak their language and understand their concerns - would be high on the list. [Parties] try to choose a narrative that is favorable to them - and reality doesn't necessarily have much to do with the kind of narrative they come up with. "I think we can just barely even understand the doors that will open up for everyone".

Democrats saw wins come in for more moderate candidates.

New York Democrat Eliot Engel, incoming chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said the committee "will waste no time" in examining how the White House, the US State Department and the Trump Organization have conducted foreign policy, the Post reported on Thursday. "The people are frustrated with him".

Republicans must also loudly promote their success with two of the country's most enduring, important issues: the economy and national security.

"It's a long agenda", the Democratic aide said.

This was sort of a muddle. "So while he lost, he took Florida a step forward to become a blue state". "Mia Love gave me no love". Or you could say, "Look, if you run as a genuine, charismatic progressive, you can't beat Ted Cruz, and maybe a different candidate could have". How can party leaders balance that desire with their own concerns about overreaching? Women were 21 points more likely to vote for Democrats than Republicans in House races - 60 percent voted for Democrats, to 38 percent who voted for Republicans.

Worse for Mr. Trump, the share of voters who dislike him personally but like his policies increased in the past two years. Many interpreted that as a tongue-in-cheek comment, but the president said that was not the case. So, for sure, there is going to be impeachment material that is discussed in committee.

McConnell also echoed Trumps' warnings on investigations, saying: "The Democrats in the House will have to decide just how much presidential harassment they think is good strategy".

Could he decide to use some of his remaining war chest as seed money for a 2020 presidential bid?

While several US politicians raised concerns following the journalist's killing, with some calling for an end to US arms sales to the Saudi government, US President Donald Trump has largely been able to avoid responding to the outcry or holding US allies in Riyadh accountable, including Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. John McCain, nominally a Republican, for contributing to the GOP's losing the House. This would go a long way toward demonstrating to Republican and (even more so) independent voters that the GOP's focus is shifting away from the super-rich and toward the struggles of Americans falling closer to the socio-economic mean.

What else struck you about this election?

One of Emerge's goals is to build a pipeline of female candidates at the local and state levels that could feed into federal races. So there's potential outcome there.

"What Gillum managed to do in a very hard state, not to mention dealing with all the racism that comes against him, is run on a progressive agenda and to mount a really, really very strong grassroots campaign", Sanders said.

The other related thing is the [successful ballot measure] in Florida to enfranchise ex-felons, which should advantage Democrats.

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