Japan TV station cancels K-Pop stars BTS over nuke bomb shirt

Lawrence Kim
November 9, 2018

A Japanese television station has cancelled a performance by the wildly popular Korean boyband BTS, after controversy erupted over a shirt worn by a member appearing to show the mushroom cloud created by an atomic bomb.

The Tokyo-based TV Asahi said it has made a decision to call off their performance Friday night on its Music Station program after asking the band's agency about the member's intention in wearing the shirt.

But the broadcaster withdrew its invitation this week after a photo of Jimin wearing the T-shirt went viral.

It also carries images of what appears to be a mushroom cloud created by an exploding atomic bomb, and of Koreans celebrating their liberation from Japanese rule in August 1945, the month the United States carried out nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Many have pointed out that while the controversy over the t-shirt design has been mentioned, another reason for the postponement may be the increasingly deteriorating relations between Japan and South Korea. The station said in a statement it chose not to feature BTS after speaking with the record company about why BTS band member Jimin had chosen to wear the shirt.

Jimin, 23, was reportedly photographed wearing the shirt previous year on 15 August, when Koreans mark the anniversary of the end of the Japanese occupation.

However, not all netizens are supporting the above claims, as some argued, "BTS's issue has nothing to do with IZ*ONE, don't try to make up these kinds of connections", "Keep BTS and IZ*ONE separate", "It's true that BTS getting cancelled sucks but it's not like it's IZ*ONE's fault", and such. "We apologize for conveying this unfortunate news to the fans who were looking forward to it", the agency stated. "We will work hard so that BTS can continue to meet their fans with better music and performances".

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