Hundreds of buffaloes drown in Botswana

Elias Hubbard
November 9, 2018

Local villagers along the Chobe River that divides Botswana and Namibia are butchering the carcasses of nearly 500 buffaloes that drowned on Tuesday.

Officials estimate that 400 buffaloes died in the mass drowning.

The mass drowning occurred in Chobe River near the border with Namibia. A large herd of around 1,000 buffaloes was chased by lions towards the Chobe river, it explained. However, the bank on the Namibian side of the river was too high for the buffalo to scale.

"The cause of the stampede is still uncertain and under investigation, however, initial indications are that they were being chased by a pride of lions".

"It is estimated that more than 400 animals drowned due to the massive movement of buffalo trampling, and falling from steep river banks".

He has never heard of such a large group of buffaloes drowning before.

Namibia said the buffalo meat would be donated to the local community and carcasses were being collected.

The river flows through the Chobe National Park, a major tourist attraction known for its huge numbers of elephants, giraffe, sable and buffalo.

Herds of buffaloes span the continent and can range from 50 to 500 in number as they graze over the savanna.

He added that it was cloudy on Tuesday night so he suspects the clouds blocked the moonlight, meaning the buffaloes couldn't see.

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