GOP Absorbs Losses, But Retains Control In State Legislature

Elias Hubbard
November 9, 2018

The opposition Democratic Party have regained control of the lower US House of Representatives from President Donald Trump's Republicans in the midterm elections, powered by a suburban revolt that threatens what's left of the president's governing agenda. Their sense of urgency helped Pressley displace an able but older Democratic incumbent in her September primary, and it has ushered into Congress a new generation of intersectional activists-among them Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York, Rashida Tlaib from MI, and Ilhan Omar from Minnesota-who have been given a charge not merely to dissent against Trump but to present a governing alternative. He cited "questionable things" done by Democrats, including "leaks of classified information". The results would be officially declared tonight. In the Senate, the Democratic Party lost four seats to the Republicans in predominately conservative regions. The president responded: "Too bad, Mike". Tammy Duckworth, a helicopter pilot who lost both her legs in Iraq, was elected to the US House in 2012 and the US Senate in 2016, and is famously the first Senator ever to give birth while in office. The ties between the two men, who are said to communicate frequently, could come under increased scrutiny by Democrats. With their takeover of the House fueled by anti-Trump energy coursing through their supporters, Democrats now face expectations from their constituents to torment Trump, using their newly acquired power of the subpoena to launch a series of investigations into matters like the president's business dealings and potential Cabinet-member corruption while also trying to unearth Trump's tax returns.

"But even more importantly, as much as they complain about Mr. Trump's style and worry about his overall steadiness, it's not clear how many of his policies they fundamentally disagree with in a way that would create a consensus they could write into law and change the nation's basic foreign policy course", he said.

Trump said, "In the House, Republicans dramatically outperformed historical precedents".

"Those that worked with me in this incredible Midterm Election, embracing certain policies and principles, did very well".

Attorneys general often band together in challenging presidents; Republicans sued to overturn the Affordable Care Act, and Democrats have challenged President Trump on issues such as the original travel ban and easing environmental regulations.

The mixed verdict in the first nationwide election of Trump's presidency showed the limits of his hard-line immigration rhetoric in America's evolving political landscape.

"What Gillum managed to do in a very hard state, not to mention dealing with all the racism that comes against him, is run on a progressive agenda and to mount a really, really very strong grassroots campaign", Sanders said.

He added: "Hopefully we'll have two new women Republican senators here shortly", referring to the contested Arizona race and McSally, and Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn who will be the Republican senator from Tennessee come January.

In other words, the midterms are just the opening battle of the 2020 election - and Mr Trump thinks he might just get back to winning.

The Democrats' net gain of 36 seats pales in comparison to the Tea Party wave of 2010, when Republicans captured 63 seats in the House.

In the 100-member Senate, Republicans retained seats in the South, Midwest and West and ensured at least a 51-49 majority, equal to their current margin.

Pelosi, who has led the House Democrats in the minority or majority since 2003, told reporters on Wednesday she was confident she would be speaker of the House again.

It seems likely that House Democrats will spend more time investigating the president than pushing legislation. "It's about restoring the constitution's checks and balances to the Trump administration", she told a news conference.

Trump's inflammatory anti-immigrant rhetoric - deemed racist by many - has recently included misinformation about a migrant caravan traveling by foot through Central America and Mexico for the USA border, along with his questionable threats to upend birthright citizenship.

But Trump gets some good news from the traditional swing states of OH and Florida, which cast more votes for Republicans in House races and would stay in his column.

An expanded majority in the Senate will allow Republicans to continue confirming Trump's nominees to key posts. But Trump is very resilient. "That's a firewall", GOP volunteer James Murr said. In a Georgia race a progressive, Lucy McBath, narrowly won a House seat that a more moderate candidate, Jon Ossoff, narrowly lost in a special election a year ago.

The result was broadly in line with what many analysts projected but makes for a confusing picture.

The Democrats soundly routed the Republicans in the House and lost seats to them in the upper chamber because, to put it simply, different rules govern elections for the two chambers.

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