Fallout 76 Devs Address BETA Feedback with Update Plans Detailed

Joanna Estrada
November 9, 2018

With today marking the final Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. session, Bethesda has listed some of the changes that will be implemented in the full release, in light of feedback gleaned during the Beta period. This issue will most likely be dealt with post-launch as Bethesda claims dealing with the stash size will "get easier over time". These changes include support for ultrawide resolutions, an increase in player stash weight limits, and a push-to-talk option.

While we aim to create a consistent experience no matter what platform you're on, we understand that some of you on PC would like the option for Push-to-Talk.

Bethesda pushed back a bit, explaining that its "goal with voice chat being on by default is to highlight that the world is alive with real people, other players like you". "We're committed to implementing push-to-talk and the team is now looking into text chat".

Another major concern for many PC players has been the FOV slider. Bethesda acknowledges that having a slider often interferes with the games' animations and hasn't supported them in any of its previous titles. PC players will be able to scroll out to third person view, but it won't be available for first person view.

These are the most prominent issues Bethesda chose to focus on, but the company has been clear that it sees Fallout 76 as an ongoing project. It also said that some common social menus and friends features have already been addressed, and it promised to fix various exploits with a future update.

However, the solution for the push-to-talk dilemma seems to be "we like it that way" and Stash Box size doesn't look like it will be unlimited. Along with doing so, they also addressed numerous problems that they've become aware of and are looking to fix on or soon after the launch of Fallout 76. Some of the tweaks are more technical in nature, while others address unintended bugs that could severely hamper the game experience.

Fallout 76 is set to be released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 14.

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