Donald Trump warns Democrats against probes and mocks Republicans who lost seats

Marco Green
November 9, 2018

"I'm not so sure it will work for them", McConnell added, refusing to directly answer a question about a post-election presidential tweet implying Senate Republicans might just counter-investigate House Democrats for "leaks of Classified Information" in retaliation.

Mr Howard Kurtz from Fox News, the network that Mr Trump loves to watch and to talk to, declared the loss of the House "a turning point".

The area's white and vastly rural profile outside Cincinnati is part of what is expected to keep OH from springing back easily for Democrats, Hamilton County Republican Chairman Alex Triantafilou said. "We were in the minority in the Republican caucus, but the middle is where things happen".

'It really could be a attractive bipartisan type of situation, ' he said of their relationship. After two years in the wilderness, the party seized control of the House of Representatives, after getting at least 230 seats. I'll give you an example in Pennsylvania, which is kind of, one of the most striking scenes.

The US president said in a White House press conference held the day after the US midterm elections: "Investigate me, and I'll investigate you - and the government will grind to a halt".

Another Democrat, Rep. Diana DeGette of Colorado, also jumped into the whip's race.

DeWine said Wednesday that his "gut instincts" as he campaigned around the state told him he was ahead of Cordray, but he tempered his expectations because "poll after poll after poll showed us pretty much dead even".

Among other topics they plan to look into are whether top-secret security clearances are being handled properly and how to control rising prescription drug and health-care prices.

'In all fairness, Nancy Pelosi deserves to be chosen Speaker of the House by the Democrats.

High voter turnout for Democrats was widely expected but less expected was that Republican enthusiasm for this midterm vote was not all that diminished. Some argued that Republican voters are harder on female Democratic candidates because they perceive them as more liberal due to their sex.

Former United States president Barack Obama said "it was the most important election of our lifetimes", while President Donald Trump considered it a referendum on his administration.

Democrats won seats in places like Oklahoma and SC on Tuesday night in addition to their expected victories in suburban districts around urban centers.

Fallout on the Republican side of the aisle is just as complicated, with Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California facing a challenge from conservative Rep. Jim Jordan of OH for the top spot in their shrunken ranks. Yes, the House with all its investigative and impeachment powers has fallen into the hands of his most determined foes as Democrats rode a wave of suburban anti-Trump revulsion.

"I'm the best person to go forward, to unify, to negotiate", Pelosi said this week.

He tweeted: "To any of the pundits or talking heads that do not give us proper credit for this great Midterm Election, just remember two words - FAKE NEWS!" Manchin was the lone Democrat who voted to confirm-and he handily won without major surprises.

Representative Adam Smith of Washington state, who is likely to become chairman of the Armed Services Committee, has made it clear one of the first topics he wants the new Democratic-held House to hold hearings on is troop deployments to the Mexican border. Rashida Tlaib became the first Arab-American woman ever elected to the House of Representatives. Whoever has a majority of votes wins.

And by combining this policy agenda with rigorous oversight of Trump and his administration by progressive Democrats like incoming Judiciary Committee chair Jerry Nadler of NY and incoming Oversight and Government Reform Committee chair Elijah Cummings of Maryland-both of whom are prepared to navigate an accountability moment that could see Robert Mueller's inquiry open up a serious debate about impeachment-Democrats can outmaneuver Trump and Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell.

Even President Trump appears to believe Pelosi will land the job, calling her "Speaker Pelosi" in his press conference Wednesday, and praising her for her accomplishments.

'It's an interesting dynamic when you have the gavel, ' she said.

The law Democrats would use to demand the tax returns was created during the Teapot Dome scandal in the Harding administration, when lawmakers were investigating conflicts of interest during the White House at that time.

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